April 2017: TBA and Family Planning Interventions

In April, Mel and Penny held workshops for Traditional Birth Attendants and began a Family Planning intervention.  Penny worked with 12 TBAs during a 5-day workshop, improving skills, sharing knowledge, and connecting with primary care health services in Longido District Hospital.  Mel, meanwhile, was in Magadini and Wosiwosi meeting with men to assess and discuss their attitudes toward family planning and prescriptive contraception; she’ll return in November to begin a contraception education module for both men and women based on this work.

The TBAs completed their training by creating the “Scorpion Song” which listed the six symptoms that require evacuation to primary care:  pre-clampsia, breach presentation, traverse presentation, severe post-partum bleeding,  twins (especially if there had been an issue in a previous pregnancy), placenta previa, previous problem pregnancies, very young mothers.

The men working with Mel were curious and concerned about contraception, they were keen for more information.  In general, they acknowledged socio-economic changes that make smaller families more desirable, but they had little practical understanding for the cultural, financial and climatic realities beyond their grazing and trading lands.  They were frustrated by this.

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