Annual Report 2019

Including update through, May 2020

Dr. Penelope Aeberhard and Melanie Finn, Project Directors UK Charity Commission No. 1153655

Natron Healthcare (NH) aims to bring basic healthcare and healthcare education to two Masai communities in a remote region of Longido district in northern Tanzania. Our project area comprises two villages, Magadini (Makat) and Wosiwosi (Naipandi) – about 6000 people. When we initiated the project in 2008, there was no reliable healthcare service for great distances and this caused people extreme hardship: if you could not walk eight hours to a government clinic, you had to get better – or die. In particular, many small children and pregnant women suffered from this situation.

Rather than impose a new system, we chose to work with existing medical and social organisations in the area to facilitate, improve and expand their services. We also work with the village communities to encourage their understanding of health issues and to support their right to adequate, accessible care.

While fundraising remains a necessity, we aim to keep the project contained and locally sustainable. Our goal is a grass roots, integrated health service led by the requirements  and requests of well-informed communities with minimum outside financial support.

Read Full Annual Report 2019 PDF

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