Site Report by Boniface Njimogino and Rehema Simon, April, 2019


Reported by Boniface Ngimojino and Rehema Simon from 27th – 31st March, 2019

The team of lake Natron health project with their co-director Melanie as the main organizer and supporter of the trip (the team divided in to two) of which the first group led by Rehema pass via Longido district head office to report officially to DMO so as to have an eye on going other related activities in the district to makat where by the second group lead by Boniface via Mto wa Mbu to Makat to bring school lunch in Makat¬. Lately the team intended to meet at makat to have camping and spent two nights to conduct varies community meetings both in makat and wosiwosi. In each community meeting in both villages with the mixture of men and women to have a discussion on natron healthcare and maternity Africa, then to have a separate gender meeting on reproduction knowledge through questions to expand the their knowledge on anatomy, also after both discussion sessions within gender meetings groups or sub-groups were formed as respondents to respond the questionnaires on how their livelihood affected by the program.

The purposes of the visit were as follows:

  • To assess the understanding capacity of the grass root community.
  • The degree of acceptance and reaction of the project.
  • Challenges on the acceptance and sustainability.

Read Full Boni and Rehema March 2019 Report PDF

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