Rehema Simon’s Feedback from Covid Training

Report after Covid Education package 28/4/20 to four remote villages in Northern Tanzania.

Natron healthcare collaborated with Ace Africa and other NGOs to design and produce relevant education material to inform people in rural areas about ways to protect themselves and minimize risks against a probable outbreak of Corona virus, Covid-19. A series of posters were produced after approval by the Arusha and then Manyara districts. The posters extensively used picture illustrations, suitable for Maasai and other tribal groups, especially for people when partly literate. The pictures were designed by Natron Healthcare’s advisor for 12 years, Andrew Knight, an artist and health-educator.
Ace Africa took the lead in the approval process. All posters were in English, Maa and Swahili. Some were laminated.

ON 28th April Natron Healthcare facilitator and erstwhile translator/ local manager, Ms Rehema Simon , boarded a Flying Medical Service plane on its routine, two-weekly trip, first out to two villages on the western border of Lake Natron, then travelling on to the eastern side visiting Magadini (Makat) and Naipandi (Wosiwosi area) in the Longido district. While the usual FMS team gave immunisations, antenatal care and assistance to sick people, Ms Simon offered to the local communities a brief training to introduce Covid management and protection.

Read Full Rehema Simon’s Feedback from Covid Training Report PDF


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