Community Feedback Report

FEEDBACK from the communities of Magadini and Wosiwosi on their relationship with Natron Healthcare.

March 2019

Background Information: We have been in existence now for over 10 years. We wanted to know how the communities view us; to find out how they see our strengths and what we have not been so good at.

We designed a 39 points questionnaire. Questions related to their perceived relationship with us, what they learnt, and how they thought that the communities had developed over this time. We touched on what were their aims for the community development in the future, and their relationship with the District health Dept.
There were four groups, two each men and women in two villages of Magadini (Makat) and Wosiwosi, in Longido District, totalling 18 women and 15 men; the people were various ages, men comprised mainly leaders and some young moran.

All the questions were given in Kiswahili and Maa. Facilitators and interpreters were Rehema Simon and Boniface Njimonimo who were instructed to carefully translate back to us, being truthful and without avoiding negative feedback.

Read Full Community Feedback Report 2019 PDF

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