Childhood Nutrition


Magadini School Lunch Program
Providing more than 200 school children with at least one nutritious meal a day is a cornerstone of our remit – and has been one of our biggest challenges.  Lack of reliable transport and intermittent government support have hampered efforts at sustainability.  However, the community is now taking a greater role in provisioning and financing the program – a clear indication that they value good nutrition for their children.  We are currently providing matching funds for the village, with the goal of a 25% reduction in those funds each year until local sustainability is achieved.

Annual Deworming and Vitamin A Disbursement
Co-ordinating with the Longido District Health Office, we provide more than 600 children aged 2-12 with deworming medication and Vitamin A supplements, annually.  Village Heatlhcare Workers dispense and record the disbursement for government records.

Fluoride-free Water
Magadini’s spring water contains up to 14X the World Health Organization’s recommended safe levels of fluoride.  This has resulted in blackened teeth and bone deformities – conditions that onset during childhood growth.  In 2012, we facilitated the construction of an extensive rain-catchment system at the school.  Carefully managed, the system provides students, teachers and school cooks with sufficient water, year round.