Community Education

cut out cocosAnnual Health Education Workshops
Using interactive, engaging, non-didactic and culturally sensitive teaching methods, we work with both communities to build their understanding of basic, preventable and treatable health issues such as anemia, STDs and AIDS, diarrhea and dehydration, and wound and burn infections.  We also hold hygiene, eye care, “how to take medicines correctly,” and immunization modules.  The workshops are enthusiastically attended, each year, and provide us with an opportunity to gauge behaviour and attitude modification.

Village Healthcare Workers
Until the Government of Tanzania can implement a nationwide, sustained Village Healthcare Worker program, we have been working closely with a core team from each community to build their hand-on healthcare skills.  These individuals have had 16-hours of formal training in wilderness medicine, and can provide their communities with crucial front-line care such as wound cleaning, burn care, basic patient assessment, trauma and triage, and anemia testing.