Outreach Support

a-successful-post-op-webAnemia Testing
Since 2011, funded by a small grant from Rotary International, we have supported Nurse Josiah Mruve, at the District of Longido Medical Office, and the Lutheran clinics in Ketumbeine and Gelai Lumbwa with a regular supply of easy-to-use COPAK field-testing anemia kits.  Initial tests showed that up to 67% of women and children Magadini and Wosiwosi have serious anemi – some with haemoglobin levels as low as 4 out of 13).  Red-flagging anemic pregnant women and chronically malnourished children helps both communities and healthcare workers make better choices for their care.  Our goal is to have all Traditional Birth Attendants and Village Healthcare Workers using COPAK.

Annual Eye Clinics
When we initially canvassed the communities about their health issues, eye care was a common concern.  Since 2013, working with ophthalmologist, Dr. Samuel Wilson and Dr. Steve Friberg of the Lutheran Clinic, Ketumbeine, we have sponsored annual outreach eye clinics.  Nearly 20 people have been referred on for cataract, glaucoma, trachoma and other surgeries.  Each year, as word spreads, more people travel significant distances to attend the clinics.

Training Stipends and Material Support
Remaining in close contact with our partners, we’re able to provide crucial focused support.  This may be more ambitious: the construction of the airstrip in Magadini in 2010 that meant the Flying Medical Service could provide emergency evacuation fortnightly outreach clinics; donation of a solar-powered HF radio now in use in Wosiwosi; formal training stipends for healthcare workers within our network; two portable ultrasounds.  Or small, but necessary:  tires for the only vehicle in Magadini; examination couches for outreach clinics; extra medicines for clinics.